February 5, 2011

C Program to Print HELLO WORLD Without Using Semicolon

After Program to Print HELLO without HELLO , Here is another program to print HELLO WORLD Without Using Semicolon (;).

To see the output:  compile the code by Ctrl+F9 and then run it by  Alt+F5


Method  1:

void main()
if(printf("Hello world")){

Method  2:

void main(){
while(!printf("Hello world")){

Method  3:

void main(){
switch(printf("Hello world")){

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These codes really are amazing.
But I didnot understand why the expression inside 'if' is printed. I mean it is just a condition that is to be checked for boolean true or false.
Please explain.

Such a useful programming examplesQ!

codes are really very helpful.

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