February 19, 2011

Let Us C - Yashavant Kanetkar eBook

This is 5th edition of Let Us C
This book helps you to firstly understand the fundamentals of C programming and then master the advanced features that C offers. Each chapter is designed to impart a deep and lasting appreciation of the different features of C language.

The best parts of the book are the short concise examples, followed by some really interesting exercises: I would recommend that you do each and every problem listed in the exercises, since they help the beginner programmer to immediately apply the concepts learned, and thus permanently internalize them. The exercises themselves are very interesting and challenging and let you test your mettle.
All in all, a very good beginner level book to begin your career in C programming.

About the Author

Yashvant. P. Kanetkar is a popular author and world-renowned instructor who has written several books and software programs in C and C++ VC++, C#, .NET, DirectX.

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