March 19, 2011

Indian Cyber Army | Pride of India with aim of Secured India

Indian Cyber Army ( )  is an security professionals organization. which perform penetration testing on various vulnerable application. Indian Cyber Army has registered on Jan 2011 under the law of central government. It has totally 10 administrators & 1 CEO.

I'm writting this coz i (Sushant Rahate) is one of the admin of the organization.

Indian Cyber Army is working for some selected companies & this year many more big organization security will be under the Indian cyber army.

Indian Cyber Army The Name itself says everything. it’s a Pride of India with aim of secured cyber space . Indian Cyber Army is Leading Three Most Important Departments Of Cyber World
The Departments are:

• Attack ‘n’ Defence Cyber Services (
• Indian Information Security Research Organization (
• Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau (

About the Indian Cyber Army history it has already pathched many big websites of india & moving in for some more organization soon. !!

Contact us:

Jai hind | Proud to be Indian!!

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