July 21, 2011

Installing Turbo C on Windows 7 64 bit ~ DosBox

Turbo C won't work in Windows 7 64-bit [as it isn't compatible with 16-bit programs] but would work in 32-bit.
So to make it work on 64 bit os we are taking help of DOS Emulator DOSBOX..
The given steps are same if you are wish to open TC in DosBox on 32 bit OS just download the 32 bit DosBox Version 

Let’s start!
1st you download and install Turbo C on Computer  - How to Install Turbo C Compiler
Download and Install DOSBOX 
DosBox for those who are using  32 bit OS : DOWNLOAD FROM HERE

Open the DOSBOX

Type this 2 commands
SET ULTRASND=240,3,3,5,5

Now we are going to Mount the current working directory of turbo c on Virtual Drive O.
in my pc it is   C:\TC\BIN

Next step is to Navigate to Virtual Drive O.

Now C:\TC\BIN is mounted in to a Virtual Drive O so just give command to open your Turbo C Compiler.

And here we succeed to open Turbo C on Windows 7 64 bit.

By the same way above you can use DosBox to open Turbo C in any windows version. 

Some more benefits of DosBox:

  • You can open Turbo C in Full Screen Mode by pressing ALT+ENTER.
  • And now you can take print screen of your C Program's. like we have many nice graphic codes in C but we unable to take Screenshot of the output but now that problem solved.. :)

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Do I have to write all above commands everytime I want to run C++

i am getting an error--> Failed to locate DPMI server (DPMI16BI.OVL)
what do i do now

ok read our next article on the same topic. it will help u :)

hi Kaushik!
this may help u http://www.mycfiles.com/2011/09/turbo-c-for-windows-vista-and-windows-7.html

to Anonymous
Now to start Turbo C everytime, you need to follow the above steps, so to save your time :
Go to Program Files.
Get into DosBox folder.
Find "DOSBox 0.74 Options" and edit it using notepad(move to the end of file).
And paste the code as shown in image below.

karan singh

#Lines in this section will be run at startup.
#you can out your MOUNT lines here.
mount c c:\
cd tc
cd bin

hey i hav installed dosbox bt wen i enter the command C:\TC\BIN,it shows as doesnot exist.....bt actually it is in C folder not in D....

I tried to edit it but its not able to save the file,
its not working

Try this, http://www.mycfiles.com/2011/09/turbo-c-for-windows-vista-and-windows-7.html

I have sucessfully installed turbo c++ on windows 7 64 bit os ,but i am not able to run or compile on dosbox ,it shows the following error: ''cannot open the include files like stdio.h and all those stuffs so please help me!!!. But when use turbo c on xp mode i am able to run and compile sucessfully. I need your help !!

ya thanq for the information provided.. but after tying program, while compiling it shows errors regarding "unable to open include file". so could you pls assist me how to set the directories to solve this problem... pls pls

when i run program it shows unknown preprocessor directives:'INCLUDE'

i am also facing the error of linking the files but it is not get the output window what is that problem....

use this emulated turbo c http://www.mycfiles.com/2011/09/turbo-c-for-windows-vista-and-windows-7.html

Turbo c++ for windows vista and windows 7 32 and 64 bit
Support for Intel's new range of processor (i3, i5 & i7)


with dosbox it is running perfectly but i cannot run the program which contains graphics.h..cannot link the graphics pre-defined functions.. :(
plz tell the solution...plzzzzzzzzzzz..thanks

why don't you all use virtualbox.

Have you guys tried TurboC Patcher ? or TurboC Simulator ?
checkout these here:


use Emulated turbo c to run graphic codes

Same problem here.. it always shows error when i run or compile as reddy said... Wat to do?? 2mrw is ma computer exm....... :'(.. Help plss

I have sucessfully installed turbo c++ on windows 7 64 bit os ,but i am not able to run or compile on dosbox ,it shows the following error: "cannot open the include files like stdio.h" so please help me!! I need your help !!

i hv successfully installed dosbox and mounted it..bt wen i'm tryn to execute my code its showing unable to open al the #include< > files! what to do?? please help..i need to submit my project report and i'm stuck up due dis prb

@debasmita i'll suggest you to use emulated turbo c++

Its good for using in windows 7


Hi m alvin , after spending much time on this c software ,i have not that if u compile and run using mouse the software hangs so u have to do 1 thing if u want to compile use alt+f9 and for running a program use ctrl+f9 and dont use mouse otherwise it will hang!!



I have made a precompiled setup of TurboC/C++ for Windows 7 and 8 and it installs easily without any effort to the end user and finally runs without any hassle. So you can provide your blog readers with this software. You can download the latest version always from http://nvstech.weebly.com and upload it on this blog of yours.


wAO,,,,,,, That's the Great effort you have done,,,,

It really helps me out to Learn the Basic Concept of turbo C

nice and superb article

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