August 3, 2011

Object Oriented Programming With C++ - 2nd Edition

Object Oriented Programming With C++ by E. Balagurusamy 
This is Second Edition book.
Written by the most well known face of India's IT literacy movement, This book is designed for the first course in Object Oriented Programming with C++ taken by undergraduate students in Computers and Information Technology. It explores C++ in the light of its Object Oriented nature and simplifies it for novice programmers.
Author: E. Balagurusamy
Edition: 2
International Publisher: Mcgraw Hill Higher Education
No of Pages: 452
File Size: 62 mb
Key Features:
Detailed coverage of Object Oriented Systems Development.
Model C++ Proficiency Test included to strengthen the concepts learnt in the book.
Two new projects added onto main text and two new as part of the OLC Pedagogy
Example based conceptual approach.
The Book by E.Balguruswamy is Damn Good & Fantastic To Be Learnt for learning C++.
Contents : - 
Data Abstraction
About Author : E BALAGURUSAMY: Member,Union Public Commission,Dholpur House, Shahjahan Road,New Delhi
Hope this book will help you to learn C++, comment bellow for your Query and Feedback.. :)

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