August 16, 2011

Security Labs ~ Security at Its Best

Hello Friends!

Here we Presenting our new website
Security Labs ~ Security at Its Best

Security Labs ( was launched on 15th august on India’s Independence Day.

About Security Labs:

SecurityLabs is a Group of Hackers, Penetration Testers, Developers, Security Experts, Programmers, and Geeks. For Us Hacking is not a weapon for Cyber War, we believe in using Hacking skills for Security and Development.

A dictionary meaning for Security is “Freedom from Danger, risk, etc..”
You have some virtual assets like your passwords, websites, domain names, servers etc.
When your virtual assets are not secure, a hacker can easily take control over them and do what he desires to do.
Securing your virtual assets is a big issue for everyone these days so here we are to provide you all security measures to protect your all virtual assets... :)
Hacking is not possible unless there are no venerability or security holes. Our purpose to provide you best and deep knowledge about such Flaws and Security Guidance.
The Purpose of SecurityLabs is that we want to educate every youngster and need to guide them in right direction in this Cyber Field.

Security Labs is the open platform for everyone to come and join !
Admin -[at]
Our Facebook Profile:-
Admin - Vanish3r
Our Facebook Communities:-
SecurityLabs –
Our Twitter Profile:-!/securitylabsin

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