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http://www.mycfiles.com is all about C Programing..
We are here to Explore the c programming language..

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Sushant Rahate
Sushant Rahate is a founder of My C Files. he is student of Computer Science. He has passion towards the Computer Technology and has so much addicted to his pc. he has good knowledge in Web Development and Internet Security. he is currently working in various security and hacking sites as moderator..

His favorite quotes: "Make things simple but not simpler" - Albert Einstein
Be a kid. Be sincere not serious, in whatever you do. If you don't enjoy it, you ain't doing it Right....
Email: sushantrahate15[at]gmail.com


Yogendra Singh

Gaurav Tiwari
Gaurav Tiwari is a engineering student currently pursuing his B.Tech. He has a good command over C/C++. As a information technology student, he likes spending his nights in messing up and experimenting with the technological masterpieces of the age. He has great interest in programming, software development. Computer security and digital forensics are the fields that most fascinate him. He likes english literature, books and science fiction novels and movies. He bilieves in getting knowledge from all around. He is always ready to learn something new from everyone. Feel free to contact him. He will be more than happy to help you.

We started My C Files as hobby and to share what we know, and you people gave us love and appreciation which encourage us to do more. We’ll share our ideas with you. My C Files is wide open to suggestions and feedback.
I hope you like MY C FILES. Don’t forget to express your opinion through comments. :)

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