February 3, 2011

Increase Turbo C Compiler Window Size in Windows 7

With this trick you can increase Size of Turbo C Compiler window

Here are the steps
Open your tc, a small window will appear

Then Right Click on top of the window where you see Turbo C++ & choose Properties

Select Font > Select Size of your choice

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but in 64 bit windows 7 not instal turbo c
then how instal the turbo c??

I have tried this trick but I have a CRT monitor & I want my Turbo C++ to be Full screen ....but using this trick only width has been properly set but I cant set the height.... Plz help :(

Ok you can do that also follow the steps:
Open Properties > Font > select Size:36 & Font: Lucida Console
and then maximize window.. done. now its full screen :)

i hv recently installed windows 7 n i m nt able to see full screen mode in turbo
pls suggest .....??

Hi Himani..
windows newer version starting from vista are not fully compatible with the old Dos(Command prompt).. that's why we suffer with the full screen mode..
but here is Dos emulator DOSBOX, with the help of it u can run ur Turbo C in full screen mode.. here is step to install it
hope this will help u, feel free to ask.. :)
keep visiting, keep commenting.. :)

hi guys this may help u http://www.mycfiles.com/2011/09/turbo-c-for-windows-vista-and-windows-7.html

hi i always get turbo c in full screen how i can minimize it. please help.

hi vibhu
'Alt + Enter' is solution for minimize screen

can you please tell how to increase font size in Turbo C++ 4.5?
my OS in windows 7.

ur way of presentation is simply super

hey from where u download0 tell turbo c++4.5 for windows 7(64 bit).can any body give me the link

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