August 22, 2011

How To Get Your Hands On C Programming

What is C ?
C is a Programming language to use for linking objects and as a typical developer platform in Linux environments. The C reference library is built as such as to get the maximum out of the developer package.

What is the use of C in my Life ?
 Well this question really depends upon what carrier you have, if you are a computer science student, you'll definitely need this and to make you as a professional Software developer, it is a must to mess up with C first.. or any other fields, i dunno, but i think it's really unimportant to go into underhood of C language and again if you are a programmer or if you are a guy with a intense curiosity on computers, you really need this. 

What is the Scope of C and is it hard?
 Depends upon how much interest you keep in the language. If you a average student with a computer craze, i'll suggest go for it. But if you really like Biology, chemistry or other such type of unrelated subjects and hate programming, don't mess with this, if you do, it will mostly play with your carrier, and btw what's the use if you are not interested and you are forced >? 

I don't Understand Programming a Bit, but i want to excell computer science and i have a keen Interest.
 For these type of people, the only way to do is, read ebooks, and keep your concentration on the programming as much as you can. I'll suggest you to be a free thinker and a vivid analyzer in the real world, that will surely help, once you grasp the things, and become used to it, you'll never find a way to come out and you'll see yourself developing your own apps and software's. Read through all the ebooks you've got and keep murmuring to yourself that your aim is "Computer Science", that is the positive nature of thinking and you will. 

I have done the basic but i need a Teacher ?
 The answer to this is what you are reading currently. Yes the forums are the master piece to discuss and not just raise your post count up ! It does not matter if you have a high rep or a post count or not. What really matters is the knowledge you have, that is it, that matters for life, IRL too.
if you need a teacher, the forum is one, don't be ashamed of posting your doubt's, no matter how much stupid you will look once you asked, there will be people flaming and abusing you, giving you -reps but don't take it as a serious matter. What you need is the knowledge, once you have it you will gain all your reps and also post counts as you ask doubt's frequently. Those who are wise will do this. Read all the posts time to time and post a comment as a doubt to get the answers. 

C needs 6 Things:
- Patience.
- A cool mind better than a sharp brain.
- Being smart at the right time.
- Innovative and Imagination.
- Practice.
- Time to time coding.
- Asking doubt's and clearing your problems and questioning yourself.

Courtesy : Hack Comunity

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