September 6, 2011

Turbo C For Windows Vista and Windows-7 64 Bit

Turbo C++ for windows vista and windows7 64 bit, 32 bit.
Many colleges still use turbo c++ software to teach c language. But when it comes to newer operating systems like Windows vista and windows 7 it won’t support. Reason is turbo c++ is 16 bit compiler and it runs perfect on old operating system like xp but having some compatibility issue with windows vista and 7.  There are many other compilers available for C language. But most of the student use TC due to their curriculum.

We can use DosBox to run TC on Win vista and 7. But it is not fully supportable. We could not run graphic code and also it won’t work with 64 bit os. So we cannot able to work tc in newer operating systems. So here is solution for that, with the help of Emulated Turbo C++ IDE 3.0 software. Now we can work on Turbo C fine in win vista and 7 64 bit. Emulated Turbo C++ IDE 3.0 design in a way that we don’t need to configure anything and it is one click installer 

Developer of this software Mr. Mohit Saxena interacted with MyCFiles:
This software is designed to create an 16Bit environment on a 32 Or 64Bit machine. As 16 Bit environment is created, it allows to use any application designed for the architecture. Emulator has been designed especially for turbo c++ and thus ensures its smooth functioning.
Support for any other application is not guaranteed. Apart from that usage on newer processor as i3 and is successor is known to produce some bugs. I am working for newer version that will support these processors. In the mine time use it, report the bugs and mail me for any help. Happy Coding.
Email: asktechisle[at]

1st you need to download Turbo C++ compiler and install it. Refer this article to install turbo c.
How to Install Turbo C Compiler

Make sure you don't change location of any files or folders, especially in ‘C:\TC' folder. Doing so might make the software unusable.

Next step is to Download and install Emulated Turbo C++

Installation of this software is easy just follow the instructions. It’s like next-next-finish.
Now open the Emulated Turbo C++ from desktop shortcut. Enjoy

This Software Support both 32 bit and 64 bit os
Turbo C opens in Full Screen Mode.
Now you can run graphics code in windows vista and windows 7

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thanks mohit for such a great software

Well, I can't install Turbo C++ on my 64-bit Windows 7.(version incompatible message) So neither can I use DOSBOX nor this emulator Any work-around you can suggest?

@Saurav i think u must be using i series processor.. it is not compatible with i-series processors..

thankyou sir for provide yhis software

@saurav I m using dosbox on i5 processor as well as turbo c.
1.install dosbox
2-install turbo c
3 open dosbox
4- type mount c c:/
5-type c:
6-type cd tc:
7-type cd bin:
8-type tc

thats it: be happy

how i cn run c on window 7 with i5 proc..??????????

ya it is not compatible with i5 processor.. developer is finding solution for 13, 15 processor..

Thank you soo soo really helpd me out :) :)............

Thanks a lot sir ,emulated turbo c/c++ is really a good one....:)

its really good....sir ,,,,,,thank you very very much.

hey mere me to compile hone k bad run nahi ho rhaa.... aur meri screen bhi small khul rahi he...

Turbo c++ for windows vista and windows 7 32 and 64 bit
Support for Intel's new range of processor (i3, i5 & i7)

Thanbks it worked on my 64 bit windows

Awesome man..Thanx a lot...

thank you my dear i am really thankfull to you for such a great post i was need this thankx you again

thanxs man it was really helpful for me...:-)

I still dont get it! The C compiles installation doesnt even start on a 64-bit system. Basically C just doesnt get installed. Please help!!!

Great work, indeed. Very helpful for students where college authority don't care/know about current scenario. Thank you Mr. Saxena.
c o n f i g u r e r

@Tejas: i think you have intel i3 or greater version processor... refer this updated emulated turbo c++

Thanks you very much, sir. Now, I can finally start studying this language. Keep up the good work!

Thanks Mohit!!!!!! Nice software!!

Thankkkkkkkkkkk youuuuuuuu

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