December 24, 2011

C++ Program to Block a Website

If you know a little file handling in C++, you can block a web site in your computer. Logic is simple, there is a file in the location “C:/Windows/System32/drivers/etc/hosts”, you edit it through the program , fallow the files syntax and you are done. Actually, this file is used to maintain the DNS record of web sites. When you type www[dot]facebook[dot]com in your Browser, your computer first searches for DNS info of facebook in this file, then goes on internet. We modify this hosts file to point the DNS of the facebook to our own computer which is and in this way, computer is never going to get the original DNS of the web site and your web site will be blocked.

Windows 7 requires extra treatment. Administrative privileges are required. Either run Codeblock as Administrator then run the program or compile it, execute it first time (it won’t work this time), go to the location of the generated EXE file, run the EXE as the administrator. Better go with first option. This program was coded to work with CodeBlock. Download CodeBlock mingw-setup from here.
Here is the program.

/* C++ Program blocks a web site ~ */
#include <fstream>
#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

int main()
    char site[20],ch;
    ifstream in;
    ofstream out;

    cout<<"Enter the Name of the Site to Block \n";
        cout<<"Either File Not Found or Permission Denied, Run as Admin the EXE of the Program";
       cout<<"is blocked";
    return 0;

If you did everything as told, your output will be.

see the site is blocked

To unblock site:
To unblock sites follow the manual way and open the hosts file in notepad and delete last lines
That and save.

You might cannot modify the hosts file because of windows file permission issue, then
Right click on hosts files > properties > security > and to change permissions click edit then select user and check full control box and save now again open the hosts file and modify.

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if we want to unblock this site so what to do is there any programming code for it please tell me

@asad refer this post

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