July 20, 2012

Programming: Important Tips to Learn It Faster

Programming: Important Tips to Learn It Faster

As the popular idiomatic saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” This particular saying applies to programming, which is neither something that cannot be done within a short period of time nor something that may take a long time to accomplish. Programming can be difficult, especially with all the codes, operators, and the dreaded language that one must consider and be reminded of. However, there are a lot of important tips that come with programming, especially for the so-called “neophytes” of the field.  For them, taking programming one step at a time would be very essential. They may take the programming course seriously, but they should not guarantee themselves that they know everything about it. Many others learn too fast that they get lost in the moment. Sticking to the basics would make a difference.

Here are some of the important tips for start-up programmers to put into mind and learn from:

·         Lean on sample codes. A perfect analogy: a book is to words whereas a program is to codes. Just like reading a book to learn and understand its contents, learning to program would rely on the codes used. A lot of programming tutorials provide sample codes for programmers to follow.

·         Test out the sample code. A book may be easily understood because of words. Simply reading program and its codes would defeat the purpose of understanding it, though. What the programmers must do in order for them to learn the sample code is to run it. Typing the whole thing would be enough for them to learn deeply about the code. After testing it out, they can experiment with it.

·         Execute what has been learned through writing sample programs. A lot of websites that focus on programming languages such as C++ have some sort of programming challenges in which the programmers can solve problems and create possible programs out of scratch. Learning would be fruitful if the programmers are able to create programs without looking at any samples.

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